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Shower Enclosures

Let us help you transform your bathroom into your personal sanctuary with a new glass shower enclosure. Interstate Glass is a premier shower door fabricator. We excel on challenging projects with back miters, drilled holes, and custom cut outs. Our knowledge and experience has resulted in a reputation for providing the highest quality frameless shower doors. We offer custom configurations, glass patterns, and hardware styles available to fit every need and style. 

Free Shower Assessments

Schedule to meet with one of our talented technicians to assess your shower needs, measure your shower opening, and go over various shower options with you in your home.  We are currently providing this service to Connecticut Residents.  Please note that any tile work for the shower needs to be complete before an appointment can be made. 

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Portals Hardware

All of our shower enclosures come equipped with standard Portals hardware.  If you would like to upgrade the look of your hardware, you can browse the beautiful selections that Portals has to offer.  Just click the link to the right to be directed to their website.


Why ShowerGuard Glass?

Ordinary glass can degrade or stain over time.  ShowerGuard glass is protected by a permanent coating that fills in the natural peaks and valleys of the glass surface, creating a protective barrier against dirt and grime.  The result is brilliantly clear glass that is guaranteed to retain its like-new look.


Hard Water

Exposure to any type of water causes corrosion, which permanently damages the glass, showing spots and mineral stains. The problem is even worse if you have hard water, which has a high concentration of dissolved minerals

Cleansers and Soap

The cleansers and soap you wash with every day can build up on your bath and shower doors over time—and suddenly the surface is scummy, grimy and nearly impossible to remove. 

Heat and Humidity

The steamy environment of a bathroom can be harsh on materials, including glass. In time, it can degrade due to daily exposure 

ShowerGuard Downloads

ShowerGuard Information (pdf)


ShowerGuard Warranty and Cleaning Instructions (pdf)


ShowerGuard Lifetime Consumer Limited Warranty (pdf)


$25 ShowerGuard Rebate Form (pdf)


Warranty Mail in form (pdf)